Alchemy levels

so i got to level 10 alchemy after like 3-4 days of fusing brown skullcaps. i want to know what levels are past level 10 though, does it stop at level 11 or can you go even further?

August 20, 2016

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At Level 11 you're a master, but it goes to 12 where you become a meister. At Meister level (12) you can craft special potions that add 10% stats/boss damage etc, a coin purse, 12 slot herb/mine bag and a cube extractor.
After level 10, if you haven't noticed, your experience goes down gradually. You have to keep crafting in order to keep your rank/level and not have it decay. It can be tedious.

Reply August 20, 2016

goes to level 12

Reply August 20, 2016