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Birthday Issues So, it'll that time of year again soon.. I usually try to forget in order to not set myself up for expectations but, for some reason everyone has made me painfully aware of the inevitable. Yee.. I'm turning the magical age of 21 and I have no idea what to do. Friends are all busy. Family won't do anything. The best part, as much as I'd love to drink the day away, I cannot. SOO, before I sign myself up for as many birthday freebies as possible to burn the day away.. I'd love to hear Basil's suggestions <3

General Fun

Pre-wedding Jitters Need help applying the ball and chain After 'bout a year of bein' da one on da side, mah man is finally divorcing his wifu for his oh so lovely queen. &lt;3 &lt;3 &lt;3 The second he becomez a free'd man- He is gunna be mah hubby. I hav da NX-$$$ and everythang ready. But! I hav a problem. I cant decide.. and Boo wont halp me out. (we such a gude match) Do I git da Premium wedding n' bring all our whole squad wit us to watch us git married ? (all da bera hene hoes be invited) or Do I git da House wedding n' be all romantical wit mah bae ? Also - We dun care about da rings. Our current ones are way mor pimpin'. - $$$ dun matter either. - I really dun hav a preference. Basil, you decide. &lt;3