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should i make a Shad or keep my D.b

hi guys i have a 130 D.b. she very fun and all but i always (emphasis on always) loved Shads but 1-100 is so slow and i end up quitting after like lvl 70 or 75.

now i have a FULL empress set on my D.b(not equiped yet) and i REALLY want to make a shad and actually get passed 100 because i know Shads get way more respect.

my very first character was a shad back when the game was new. and i want to try them again.

Any advice to get pass the BORING 10-100?

0 May 15, 2013

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@will0700: Nope, the EXP gain was removed a long time ago.

OT: 10 - 30: Flaming Mixed Golems
30 - 37/38ish: Mushroom Kingdom
37/38ish - 40: CDs
40 - ?: Monster Park Extreme
50 - 70: Twisted Jesters
70 - 80/90: MP3
80 - 100: PQ
90 - 100: Aliens

Reply May 16, 2013

Get your CB to 100 for fourth job and have a taste of shadower-hood, then decide which one to main. If you find shad boring, then stick with your DB.

cmon, only 25-30 levels left, and Monster park EXTREME was released so it should be faster training than before, YOU CAN DO IT

Reply May 15, 2013

[quote=Drakuaza]30-70 killing the yeti/pepe boss[/quote]
I haven' been to mush kingdom in forever so i dont know anymore, but is this actually a thing now?

Reply May 15, 2013

Made this pre hypers, doubt it changed.

Reply May 15, 2013

@Koncept: Hit zak at least once for XP. hes 100 or so, you're bound to hit him once every 1000 hits or so.

Then ask a friend to kill it for you, another fast arse way, 30-70 killing the yeti/pepe boss, 70-90 mp3 then aliens to 110.

Reply May 15, 2013

@Drakuaza: you get exp from zak at lvl 50? and also this is all on one account

Reply May 15, 2013

@Koncept: It is even easier, if you can boot 2 maples or a friend, at lv 50 go do zak prequest and kill zakum over and over, I got my luminous to 70 in like 1 hour. I kill zak in 16 seconds or so.

Reply May 15, 2013

[quote=Drakuaza]Uh leech like all the spoonfed pros.[/quote]

but im not about that life all my character ive trained were solo till lvl 70 where i do R&J pq but now i can got to 100 alone bc of monster part extreme

Reply May 15, 2013

Uh leech like all the spoonfed pros.

Reply May 15, 2013