Psa Mist decreases delay between fire wall hits

I've noticed this for a while but haven't thought to share it until now. When you place a mist cloud and use Paralyze against large groups of enemies, Ignite's fire wall seems to hit more frequently.

Try this:
Go into DI, clear the first stage with Paralyze alone.
Go into DI, place a mist cloud where the monsters spawn on the first stage then start spamming Paralyze.

For me, the difference is quite clear; with mist I get a bunch of extra damage numbers and significant FPS drops, and I'm done with the stage approximately 4 seconds earlier.

Have any of you experienced this phenomenon? I've always thought Ignite behaved a little inconsistently. Sometimes it hits a lot and eats a bunch of FPS (especially on bosses like Zak), but other times it seems like the fire walls aren't dealing damage at all.

July 10, 2015

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Would explain the occasional inconsistent flow of numbers every now and then when I do that. Usually assumed it was just minor lag, but can't really say much since I rarely leave mist up w/o exploding it.

Reply July 10, 2015

That would explain why I kept crashing in Dimpq when using Poison Mist on my F/P.

Reply July 10, 2015