Silent Crusade Coco card obtainable now

I was remaking my Hayato because I didn't like her name. While doing the SC questline, I found out that [url=]you aren't booted from the Coco room anymore[/url], and Coco drops his card for you to loot. This is still on Nexon's "Known Issues" list though (presumably they still need to figure out what to do for players who have already completed the quest).

September 1, 2013

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now, what about to those who already completed the quest

Reply September 1, 2013

I can't redo it on my main

Reply September 1, 2013

The set isn't completable because Nexon took out some of the mobs.

Reply September 1, 2013

Wonder if they even did anything to fix it. But still, nice to be able to complete the set (right?)

Reply September 1, 2013