Asura Damage Reflect, Ignore or not?

Does Asura ignore damage reflect... like it wont kill me if DR turns on? Cause I went to do Pink Bean, and I had asura on to try it out... and I went to 1 HP in one hit. Nexon states it does but from that PB experience I'd say otherwise.

July 6, 2015

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Use Asura without Blade Clone (lv150 hyper) at bosses with DR. You can use it as long you know the boss won't use DR yet. Blade Clone works like Final attack, the hit from that skill doesn't ignore DR.

Reply July 7, 2015

its not a lagg, it always happens at certain bosses such as pink bean. ive had that experience many times...
but they do say it will get fixed next patch.
also, if u read the details on asura, it does not state there that it ignores dr. dunno why

Reply July 6, 2015 - edited

yup lag + it was changed in the balanced patch in kms. i also died from pb earlier today, during 2x. lagging, used the 5 sec invis frames from chains and i still died...

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they coded it so asura doesn't even hit a boss in dr, however with lag and such it will not take effect which will cause you to hit the DR'd boss and die. They should have made it do 1 dmg instead.

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