5th Job Nodestones

Is there any possible way of getting more besides the drops from monsters at arcane river/ the V box event earlier or am I just boned?

December 17, 2016

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I farmed 35 cores and 4 symbols over the course of like 2 hours with winters and 40% drop rate, and 2 hours of 2x event. I got two decent cores, main bossing skills are lvl 20.

Reply December 17, 2016

Same drop rate for KMS, don't complain..

Reply December 17, 2016

The drop rate is so bad, I can't reallt expect to farm it... there's no way I'll reach level 10 let alone level 25...

Reply December 17, 2016

drop rate is like 1 in every 30 min for me lol

Reply December 17, 2016

Atm it just seems like the only way is to get them is thru farming with mobs in Arcane river sadly Maybe they might add events to increase this which I highly hope they do.

Reply December 17, 2016

Id like to know this too

Reply December 17, 2016

I'm not quite sure if they're already dropping from monsters on gms, but on kms they sell these for ~6m each at the fm

Reply December 17, 2016