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Graphic help for friends - price? So I consider myself pretty good at graphic softwares, and I'm helping friends for years now with whatever they need (which is very good for me because it lets me practice). Tho lately I don't really feel like doing these stuff for free because they take so much time and effort, and I'm no longer this little kid with tons of free time. A good friend offered me some money now for a request he has, and he wants me to price it myself. I really have NO IDEA how much you should charge for a graphic work, and hopefully you guys do. Thanks in advance!


A really negative thread that is based on hate I just feel like posting a new thread and do my part in the attemp of reviving this forum. What are your top 3 least favourite classes? like, the ones that almost make you puke when you encounter a bossing vid of them on youtube? mine (from bad to worst) are: 3. NL, because the amount of NLs out there is too damn high 2. Evan, because he's the combination of the 2 thing I really don't like, mages and dragons 1. DB, because if I didn't know he wields knives, I would have never guessed that based on his flashy weird skills Come on, spread the hatred! :D

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Firsr car accident Hey guys, I think that's my first time writing in the chat section, and I'd like to share with you something that happened to me today. I dropped my girlfriend at her house, which is about a hour away from mine, and on my way back, on the highway, I had felt I'm getting a little sleepy. It happens sometimes but I usually just open the window or sing along with the radio to waken up a bit. Out of nowhere, the car in front of me suddely stopped because someone overtook it with no warning. I guess all that sleepiness made me quite numb, and I couldn't manage to fully break on time, hitting the car in front of me (luckily it was on a traffic jam so I hit it with a pretty low speed). We exchanged our details (I could swear she

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