Crossworld FM As many of you guys know...FM is dead as is not getting any better It is impossible to sell items w/o a shop, and even with one, you have to wait like a week to sell unless you buy a hired merchant shop or just afk at FM and not do anything. My idea...why not create a cross world FM? Sure the economy would be all chaotic at first but I feel like for the most part, it would be a win-win situation. Items will get cheaper, especially for low population worlds, but at the same time there will be more buyers. I don't know the economy and population of all the worlds but uniting Bera-Windia-Broa would be nice and Scania with the rest f3. I feel like for the most part windia and bera have similar economies. Plus it would be cool to b


I give up nexon wins I used to play maple back when it used to be only 4 classes, and ever since then I quit and then came back to maple multiple times: some breaks being longer than others. I used to pride myself in the fact that I do not fall to nexon's pay2win scam but its just too damn hard. Every time I come back, the game just gets harder to play w/o buying NX. Now lets be real, dark farming and fm merching works and all, but that can only get you so far unless you invest a lot of time into this game, which I have less of as I get older (okay tbh I can sit and game in my room all day or have a life...I choose the latter). Doesn't mean I don't like to reminisce and play the only game I really cared about growing up and relax time to ti

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Job switched shad to NL I made a shad with burning event because ever since I first played maple...I loved shads and thought they were unique and awesome. However, for some reason I was never able to get myself to make one to 4th job (back then level 70 was really really hard). Long story short...shads are not what they used to and I dont like them so I switched to NL. LOL now gotta refund char but shad equips are so hard to sell :( Anyone want to buy 27atk 3L epic dragon khanjar? (Bera)

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