Unlucky times on Maple

I once dropped a blue seal cushion in Henesys park accidentally, when I want to sit on it.
(When Andtoids were popular) I once sold a fantastical female android but I regretted it when I mistakenly sold it fot 1mil, it sold. It was supposed to be 250mil.

July 27, 2017

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Blowing up some very expensive items like a 23 INT bathrobe, or a 13 ATT WG - this is all pre-BB, pre-potential

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Back in the early days of Maplestory, I was a thief and wanted steelies and icicles so bad. One day someone in the FM was going to give me free steelies (which were like 35m back then) and then right when I was about to trade, my grandpa came into my room and said I we had to go to the dentist appointment. I never got those steelies.

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Discovered MapleStory and gave it a try.

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2009 i was killing it at fm merching stuff, then one day i landed 6/7 30% shoe acc scrolls on some red snowshoes -dexless warrios were a thing back then- and it sold for 500m which was a lot at the time... however the next day i found out my acc got keylogged and lost everything. quit

2014 no more fm bs, i grab my wallet and throw it at maplestory. Invested about 200usd in some duped goods from notorious Prxied to scroll a lv50 tiger's fang to 170att, then after a few months i end up deleting my mule with the thing without checking twice. quit

came back when rebot was introduced and been playin on/off and im still wasting time/money here fml

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I was trying out flying mounts when it got introduced, and flew to the ceiling of the nautilus bedroom which completely hid my character and mount.

two people came there and started some sexual roleplay

i'm not into voyeurism

I still cared about my reputation there, otherwise I would crash the 'party'.

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I remember buying a mispriced 3line legendary earring in FM ch1, and came to basilmarket to brag about it, next day my acct got hacked quick

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