ITcG cards?

I just ordered ITCG cards online and it looks like this -------

It's called Maple Story Itcg P3ts Booster Pack.
I'm now realizing I ordered a Pet's version. Will I still be able to obtain codes through this for cool old school itcg items?


Apologies. Having trouble getting the link down..

October 9, 2013

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It was my first time buying itcg cards, so live and learn I suppose!

Thank you all for your responses.

Reply October 9, 2013

P3ts is this worst set out of the 5: I buy 'em constantly and I'm always disappointed with what P3ets give out :l

Reply October 9, 2013

The P3TZ (set 3) set mainly consists of the Taru weapons from codes (Akha, Kuma, Umaru, etc.). If you ordered a single pack, you're going to get one or two codes in that pack.

Reply October 9, 2013

You mean to say you need several codes to get those items? This pack has 9 cards. Not sure what I'll get.

Reply October 9, 2013

Some you might get taru weapons or taru potions or taru spirit cape but if you want things like stormcasters or white versal you need the set 1or 2 codes and sometimes set 5 codes

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