Curious for those of who that are still playing - what are some of your goals?

Is it hitting the level cap? Soloing some bosses? Maxing out some side stats?

Or perhaps you're just in it for the fun of chatting, hanging out, helping out others?

June 16, 2021

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I have periods where I'll play for a month or two, stop for around the same amount of time, and return. I want to get a character to level 250 but mostly I want to be able to solo some bosses on hard!

Reply November 12, 2021

I really come back a kind of annually at this point for the nostalgia and now seems like one of the times nostalgia takes over haha

Reply October 5, 2021

Trying to catch up and reconnect with old great friends. Skype was the last messaging system I had them on

Reply September 22, 2021

Nostalgia, mostly. (long-term) goals as well. A global pandemic keeping us all inside helps too! How about yourself? What brought you back and keeps you going?

Reply June 17, 2021

@Zzyncookie I hear you there, options are a bit limited these days Hopefully things improve soon! What are some of your goals?

Tbh, I haven't really done any extensive gaming, just poked my head in, maxed out my skills and was kind of amazed that I still remember as many hotkeys as I did. I didn't actually get up to much tho cuz I'm no longer sure what to do or where to go...

reply June 18, 2021

It's an addiction at this point, man.

Reply June 17, 2021

@xylyls at least you're keeping it real What specifically are you enjoying in the game these days?

reply June 18, 2021