Starting Ms from Steam

So I tried moving my MS folder to the common one in steam folder, but I still cannot open the game through it [considering I try to open the nxsteam file].

Am I missing some stages to initiate it? If so, which?

July 23, 2015

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you have to boil the water first to get steam, after that maple will start just fine

Reply July 24, 2015

Download it through steam. Steam is great to keep hold of screenshots and hours of gameplay. Also, buying NX through steam is easy af!

Reply July 23, 2015

I set it up so that steam starts up my gamelauncher.exe file from the folders. Worked for me.

Reply July 23, 2015

You gotta download through steam, don't do it since every time you start game it starts steam which slows down the process.

Reply July 23, 2015

[url=]Try the new Nexon Launcher.[/url]

Reply July 23, 2015

Delete ms install through steam?

Reply July 23, 2015