Bera bowman gear p/c heh

Im buying quite a few pieces of bowman gear from this person, but I'm not really sure of the prices on them.
Please take into consideration of the fact that Tyrants and RA are going to be added into Marvel tomorrow or so, so the price may be lower. But I'm clueless about the price, so an estimate would be useful
Im buying: Terminus bow, the 3 pieces of tyrants, Raccoon mask, all of the RA, Rose earring

Here are the gears:


August 21, 2014

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I'm fairly interested in the charon boots and the legendary bowman top if it's still unequipped xD

Reply August 21, 2014

I'm much more interested in the fact that you have a 2L legendary bowman top.

Most expensive to least expensive from your array of items. (Unless someone wants to correct me)
1. LGR
2. Tyrant boot
3. Tyrant Belt
4. Perfected Emp Gloves
5. VSS (4 and 5 can be swapped I suppose)
6. Legendary bowman top
7. Tyrant Cape
8. Dark Pirate top?
9. Legendary Bowmaster secondary? (Only because I think this class is almost non-existent as a main, but I may be wrong)

Someone feel free to correct me. Just going off of memory on this at a quick glance.

Not exactly sure on the actual prices.

Reply August 21, 2014