If you like this, I'll try to make more videos with other bosses.

April 28, 2011

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wow im a 129 nl and you solo a little faster then me.

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My controls isn't perfect, yet, but getting there. Thanks though!

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Nice damage but control could use a bit of work. But other than that congrats.

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Hehe, I'm coming for you. |:<

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[quote=McMuffn]Interesting vid. =) is it less effective as a BaM to push pap << and kill on the platform?
Also how much %int do you have? Cuhs I'll have about 120-140% when I finish exchanging my %dex gear for %int, but magician ranges are SO different from archer ones. So I'd really love to know what kind of range I'd have. As in worse/better than yours etc. I'll be using a 142 m atk 9% magic 6% int estaff if that helps.

ON TOPIC: Defs make more vids. There are hardly any GMS battlemage videos. <3 be my inspiration![/quote]

Why thank you. <3
Actually, I didn't like having Pap sit there, in the corner, pinned, it gets boring, so I ended up pulling him around the whole time, it was fun. xP
I had about 60%~70% Int in this video, I was using a 135 MA E.staff with 20% Bossing. I had about 7.4~9.8k though. with 120%~140% Int, you'll definitely have more than at least 17k Range at my level.
I'll definitely make more vids, I hope. Good luck xD

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