Brown Work Gloves Potential Question

A friend just told me I shouldn't buy any low teir items (BWG) because of its poor potential status.

I already bought it before she told me and I realized this after but 14 W.ATK didn't boost my damage at all even with the potential of Epic, 2 lines 2% DEX.

I was wondering what is the best possible potential this glove can have? Is it stuck on what I think the highest 2% Dex forever even if I recube it?

September 13, 2011

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[quote=Azra]SMG, level 80+ class gloves, and especially VL gloves are going to be your best choices since all three are third tier potential items, which means a max of 9% stat per line.

SMGs if you have multiple classes and would like to be able to use the gloves on all (like a sair and a BM).
LEvel 80+ class gloves if you only have the one type of class that you want to play, or can't afford VL gloves.
VL gloves are the best choice if you're looking to boost a single character (require SoK to trade), since they have 9 total slots like BWGs.

There's also the level 140 cygnus gloves, but I ignored those because the price of those is still insanely high.[/quote]

Ah sweet, I was just about to ask this.
So looks like my best choice is either SMG or the VL that I saw.

Thanks Azra

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[quote=Felixtehmage]Stopped caring at ":3".[/quote]

I clicked on the nervous image in Basil's emotion icons. I don't understand why it did

[quote=FaTaLP3NGU1N]3% stat per line.[/quote]

Ah dam, so its stuck at 3 each line. Thank you for the information. I should have gotten that Stormcaster or SMG

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3% stat per line.

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