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best luck ever? or is it common?

I had 5k nx in my cs so i bought 2 philo books
got a no boom aee and a fafnir whip
is that common? or did i get lucky?
also no booms are like 3b in broa much profits!

0 April 25, 2014

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Nice try, Nexon shill.

Reply April 25, 2014

explains it,
i've used like 12m nx on this acc so far

Reply April 25, 2014

From my research, everything to do with nx is rigged to give you better items if you spent more nx.

Reply April 25, 2014

Of course you got lucky, if that was me doing those books, i would've gotten 4 unagis

Reply April 25, 2014

you think you didn't get lucky? If you weren't considered lucky then that scroll would drop from 3b to 100m and you wouldn't be dancing all around

Reply April 25, 2014

I opened one and got 4 No booms

Reply April 25, 2014

broan prices have been consistently 3b so imma sell mine now

Reply April 25, 2014

you got lucky

i got the hair i wanted yesterday on the first try

Reply April 25, 2014