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min crit ring

so i found an archer in my mule acc with a cruel explorer ring 20% min crit damage 5% crit chance
and a 130 resistance ring 5% min crit damage 15% crit chance
which is better im thinking of tossing 1

0 July 7, 2015

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Don't toss but definitely keep the cruel ring. You will regret if you do that.

The Explorer Cruel ring gives a lot of boost to your min crit. You can increase your critical rate from skills, card, link skills.

Reply July 7, 2015

Min crit by far especially if you go mm since they have such high max crit but next to no min crit

Reply July 7, 2015

It depends on your min crit and crit%.... But if either are tradeable within the account I wouldn't toss em

Reply July 7, 2015

I'd take the min crit 20% just because i already have high crit % not to mention I'm a db.

Reply July 7, 2015