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I deduced that my | 4 set sw | 3 set meister | 2 set RA | would be ~19% superior to the conventional 4 set ra so i've invested my time and merch goods onto making it the best i could
hope you enjoy! will land the 12th star soon

3 May 10, 2014

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by: 4 set sw | 3 set meister | 2 set RA

What pieces exactly? And what Tyrants?

Reply July 11, 2014

Ahhhhhhh, nice bow!

Reply May 13, 2014

Tiffy too OP.
Fund me Tiffy. <3

Reply May 12, 2014

What items are you using of each set?
And could you upload an equipment video pleeease <3

Reply May 12, 2014

dat attack increase!

Reply May 12, 2014