Furious Strikes boost

I can't confirm just yet, been testing this out. But by boosting Paw Strike(?) it seems that Furious Strike is also boosted.
So far they are only boosted by 14% on my character, but it looks like Furious Strikes final damage increased as well along with Paw strike.

Remember Furious Strikes is a follow up attack from Paw, so it is not a stand alone attack.

Wondering if anyone's been upgrading their 5th job skills to give an input on this, I will try get them upto 30% by next week without improving any of my gear to tell for sure.

But by testing on mushrooms and other mobs it seems that Furious Strikes final damage have gone up. Its a 50/50 now if my hunch is right or wrong, need more time to confirm

April 26, 2017

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Previous people on reddit have said that increasing paw swipe does indeed increase furious strikes.

Reply April 26, 2017