Constant dcs

Idk if anyone else is experiencing this but I'm crashing once every 5 mins or more frequently as it is right now. No matter what i do whether talking bossing or just standing still I'll dc on any channel for apparently no reason whatsoever. My friends laugh at me cuz they see that I'm logging in multiple times within minutes and personally I'm getting ready to just quit on maple at this rate. Is there some sort of fix for this or idek cuz its getting pretty ridiculous. before v patch i didn't dc at all and now the game is literally unplayable.

December 8, 2016

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My client is lagging a ton. Not sure if it's the same thing that causes your crashes tho.

Reply December 8, 2016

@stoker: You did. Now I've made a lovely joke. Thanks.

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@stoker: Stop talking to people.

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