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Masteria to CWkpq Hey, Not sure how to post a guide or anything but decided to make this as alot of people seem to be having problems. not a professional guide or anything just a quick informational way to get through everything In the dimensional mirror there is new leaf city. If you go there you can start various quests. in the middle of the map is the mayor and to unlock the other quests you must do his entire quiz first. on the left of new leaf city there is a tower and inside it there is john barricade. you must do all his quests until he gives you the mark of heroism quest. in addition on the right side of new leaf city is elpam gorlab or balrog maple backwards. after doing his quest you can precede to the ninja quests. ( you can do t

General Quests

anyone notice new cwk it basically traps u in there until u do all quests then kill 500 monsters with hp greater than lhc but xp severely lowered as well as it leading to a whole new cwk party quest. I tried it its easy fun fast but the rewards is kinda terrible. It's literally all potions. only thing good was the few allcures that dropped and the average 3 emblems. considering the amount of people i did it with and the amount of boxes it was a low chance that i got an emblem as well as the fact that finishing gives 2 emblems and you need 100 emblems for any real reward makes me want to do original cwk since it has all 4 bosses at once and they drop the mark of narician i would post this on forum but forum signup wasn't working for me.