botters need to be banned

there are a lot of high leveled people (210+) at SDH botting... they're pretty strong too, so they probably spent quite a bit of money. they should get banned for botting and someone should record their reactions and post it to youtube or something. it's so obvious they're botting since they attack in very specific patterns. nexon perma bans a whole bunch of people for exploiting a glitch in the game, while these people are just explicitly hacking. nexon'll probably lose a lot of money though since these people are the ones who spend $$$$$$$$$$$, which is why they choose to be blind.
afk training is a different matter though, since you don't need a 3rd party program to do it. i see a ton of people doing it in SDH. they deserve a warning or suspension for a day or week. if they do it again they should be suspended even more. and third strike they're out.

September 21, 2014

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[quote=simaini]that's pretty difficult to do nexon should bring back functional lie detectors [/quote]

Those were so much fun! I remember using them on people at door to zak when I was waiting to get inside. They were glitched such that the places you had to click weren't displayed correctly, so pretty much everyone failed.

Reply September 22, 2014

who cares? this is how the games been for a long time now

Reply September 21, 2014

I thought you meant the level 50-100 bots. I need em to spawn elites for me

Reply September 21, 2014

You might find more success posting directly on the Nexon forums.

Reply September 21, 2014

they don't care about people botting to gain meaningless levels

Reply September 21, 2014

[quote=ltachifire]Try to prove that they're botting.[/quote]

that's pretty difficult to do nexon should bring back functional lie detectors or bring some of those anti botting monsters into SH.

Reply September 21, 2014

If you owned a convenience store, and your store was utterly devoid of customers and struggling to stay afloat, would you ban one of your few regular customer just because (in addition to his numerous massive purchases that he made on a daily basis) he had a tendency to steal a 50 cent package of bubble gum?

I'm not saying it's right, but that is why the botters are allowed to continue existing. Even if the North American team wanted to ban them, 50 bucks says the higher ups in Korea would flip out over all that lost revenue.

Reply September 21, 2014

I think the main thing is that Nexon just doesn't care anymore. If this was back during the race to 250 I'm sure a lot of people would be receiving bans.

Reply September 21, 2014

Some video explained this (something about F2P is P2W for Whales)

Let's apply some logic into this:
Maple is Free to Play --> people spending money "win" --> If Nexon bans --> They lose money

Reply September 21, 2014

Go get em tiger!

Reply September 21, 2014

Try to prove that they're botting.

Reply September 21, 2014