Disconnecting Issue

So everyone (for the most part if not all but, really) knows about the absolute ring event and how you have to stay online for 1hour, after that if you have the potion in your inventory you can dc with the potion still there. Ever since the 2nd day of this 2nd ring I've been disconnecting at least every 30 to 55minutes, following up with a crash. Just wondering if I'm the only one here, missed the 24,25,26 and now probably 27th.

I have tried to afk in small towns, maps with no monsters or npcs, maps with little effects (fog etc), set all settings to the lowest possible, set maple priority to high and used my desktop(fairly new got it last year). All of this and still nothing, always dcing at the same time area. Honestly It's not just this event it's bossing and talking with friends too. I feel really bad dcing in mid conversation or if it's late at night/ early morning and i just dc, just seems like i fell a sleep on them/him/her.

July 28, 2013

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I was doing the events on 2 characters and now I can barely finish one

Reply July 28, 2013

I already missed 3 days on the ring because of this. I have a busy life and try, but it takes 4-6 launches for me just to play and when I dc and I only had an hour and a half to play that day, well guess what, I still have to go into work. So I miss out because of their crappy servers. Ugh.

Reply July 28, 2013