Scarlet equip questions

Hey guys, Im just trying to figure out how scarlet equips work.
1. Can you use 2 scarlet equips to complete 1 set? EX: 2 set fafnir top and bottom with scarlet shoulder and ring
2. Can you simultaneously use one scarlet item for 2 different sets? EX: 3 set fafnir missing hat and scarlet+3 set gollux and other scarlet item

Sorry if these questions are nooby but i never really thought about this until now

May 8, 2015

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so an example of how this would work is with gollux gear =.= or with pretty sure u could just meister+scarlet ring and scarlet shoulder or a meister shoulder for that 3 set eff

Reply May 8, 2015

Scarlet equips take the set effect of items of the SAME CATEGORY and no it can't take over 2 set effects

Reply May 8, 2015