Can't open maple website, log into nexon launcher, or steam I have recently been trying to play maplestory again but for some reason I cannot access the maplestory.nexon.net website, log into my nexon launcher account, or run the game through steam. I also cannot open nexon.net. When trying to access the website, it always says that the site can't be reached. Whenever I try to log into my account on nexon launcher, i always get an error code 20100. And finally whenever I try to play on steam it gives me an error (32512). Anyone have any ideas on what is happening? I haven't played maple since July/early August. I have also tried using a different computer and I run into the same issues.

General Cygnusknightdawnwarrior

What to upgrade? Hey guys, I've been trying to fund my dawn warrior and it's been pretty fun so far. I was just wondering where I should upgrade. Based off my current gear, I know that I need more %atk, but I am not sure what I should recube. Weapon: 3l leg 55% boss 9% str, 3l rare bpot, 25% boss neb Secondary: 3l leg 60% pdr 12% dex, 3l unique bpot 15% atk 6% str, 25% boss neb Emblem: 3l leg 9% atk 30% pdr 6% damage, 3l rare bpot, no neb Right now I have 93% pdr and 237% boss. I am at 789k clean and 1.23m buffed (with equinox cycle). I will have around 6-7b at my disposal as well as 20k nx. I found that if I lose a 30% pdr line, I will still be at 90%, so I am leaning towards recubing main pot on my 2ndary or emblem. My other gear- Rings:

General Thief

price check db weapons Hey guys, I have been thinking about switching to nl, so I am gonna try and sell my weapons. 1. Fafnir Damascus: 12 star 325 atk (15% traced) 3l legendary- 21% atk, 12% dex, 3l unique bpot- 9% atk, 2 bad lines, flashy magnus soul, 25% neb 2. Sweet water Katara: 13 star 232 atk (15% traced) 3l legendary- 23% atk, bad line, 3l legendary bpot- bad lines, 25% neb Both items have been scissored. Any ideas on the prices of these items? Also, what kind of claw/charm can i get with this money+an extra 5b. Thanks :D


problems with bossing For some reason I have had a few issues with certain bosses. Ranmaru and madman ranmaru don't display HP and at normal and hard magnus my damage has been drastically decreased. I have a 1.1m buffed range and i am hitting 1 mils with assassinate, making it extremely difficult to kill magnus. My normal time was around 3 minutes and now I take around 8% of its hp in that amount of time. Has anyone had these issues/found a solution? Btw, I know you have to be in the blue area for magnus to deal more damage so that's not my issue.

General Shadower

What do i upgrade Hey guys, I have 35k nx and about 2b mesos atm and am looking to upgrade my shadower. I have a 695k-772k clean range with 7.2k luk, 235% boss, and 56% pdr. I have lvl 2 links for DS, Xenon, DA, Kanna, and Shade and have lvl 1 links for Phantom, Kaiser, Mihile, Angelic Buster, Jett, and Cygnus Knight. My current equips are: TOTEMS: -Hunting dog totem: 16 all stat 8 atk -Hunter totem: 32 all stat 16 atk -gold hellia totem: 28 luk 10 atk RINGS: -pinnacle ring: 3l rare 3% luk 25 all stat 2 atk -unleashed ring: 3l rare 3% luk 15 all stat 2 atk -reinforced gollux ring: 3l epic 6% luk 54 all stat 29 atk -tempest ring: 3l epic 6% luk 25 all stat 3 atk POCKET ITEM: -hunting dog collar: 12 all stat 6 atk CODEX: -garbage set 3 all st

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