Anvils in Scania


I was wondering since there are a lot of Anvils that look like the same item, does anyone have any cool shields/staves [plural for staff].

I saw one of the few non-anviled Palettes in Scania today and was wondering.

Does anyone know if Lord Tempest, the Evan weapon is a Wand or Staff? Is there a Staff version for it?

Thank you!! Lmk if you see any need cool/neat/rare anvils

March 26, 2016

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@09080706l: since it's Scania, there's bound to be someone with one/know someone with one

Update: I found a crapload of wands for the items but yet to find a staff. Still L>

Also L> Cyclops Eye / Racc mask too

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Rac Masks were formerly gach items that have been removed for a long time now.
Lord Tempest (lvl 123) comes from Teapot event I think, from over 2 years ago. And yes, there is a staff version. I have one anviled onto a Mana Crown. Currently unobtainable, but your other alternative is to wait for the NX cover to cycle through the cash shop style boxes.

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@nyan: mayb u hook it up.

Still L> Lord Tempest (staff version) though. How do you even get it? Raccoon Masks/White Raccoon Masks?

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Hello... it me.
I has royal oaken staff if it tickles ur fancy.

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@intjmikey: I saw that too but I have yet to confirm the staff version actually exists. L> ss-or-didn't-happen evidence

hello mikey ^-^/

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@chicken: its a wand (or at least the one i have is)

source: i have an anvil of it

^apparently a staff version is out there somewhere also


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I think Lord Tempest is a staff.

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