Does anyone have any of the following? Does anyone have any of the following in Scania? [Unworn of course] Perm NX: -Maid Dress (Blue) -Time Cantabile [overall] also not sure if the item has been in GMS but it shows up on Owls -Hazy Night Tassel -Silver Wolf Coat -War Paint Also looking for the following for anvils: Commerci Gloves / Sweetwater Gloves [Only need to anvil my tyrant gloves then you can have the item back] Might be more but I don't remember on the top of my head :p


Is there anyone who actually does Princess No anymore? As the title says, does anyone actually does Princess No anymore? Also, how are the secondaries obtained? [It was from boxes or something right?] If so, what is the rate? I've been searching for the longest time for a secondary for my class and haven't found one available in the FM so I did the pre-quests in hope to find one. Is there anyone who does this anymore in [b]Scania[/b] specifically? I understand that the stats barely matter but I think they look so much better.

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