Apparently 10m-1 is the cap for warus

Farm name: Piloswine
Server: Scania
IGN: Calcifer

Had no idea what to put here so yeah

September 28, 2016

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it's pretty good if you want spirit claw to hit 4 targets

Reply September 29, 2016

@hyhfct I actually don't play it. It's just whenever I log on to check stuff I collect the gold. Seems like I no longer have to take the extra 2 seconds
@chisto helo christo I don't play anymore :c
@windowlegs you know I like to keep it hunnit. It's one of the few things I capped on...I did traits first lmao

Reply September 29, 2016

that looks lit as af keep it 100 at all times fam

Reply September 28, 2016

hi Piloswine

Reply September 28, 2016

Glad to see that people still play Monster Farm, even though it's irrelevant.

Reply September 28, 2016