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[header][b]Known Norton AntiVirus Issue with NGS[/b][/header]
[i]"We are aware of an issue with Norton AntiVirus that causes a false positive detection between Norton SONAR, and NGS and Black Cipher. This is preventing some players from being able to play MapleStory.[/i]

[i]We are working to resolve the issue soon. For now, there is a workaround that you can use in order to play. Please follow the steps below:[/i]

[i]Go into Norton.[/i]
[i]Click on "Settings" at the top.[/i]
[i]Click on "AntiVirus".[/i]
[i]Under "SONAR Advanced Mode", the "Remove Risks Automatically" option is default set to "High-Certainty Only".[/i]
[i]Click on this to change it to the "Ask Me" option.[/i]
[i]Click "Apply"."[/i]

[b]Note:[/b] This is the only "known case thus far, so there may also be issues with other anti-virus software out there. I would recommend turning off your virus protection for a couple moments, if you're having this issue and using a different type of protection. I can almost guarantee that you won't get a virus with this test if you're not browsing the net or currently downloading anything during the duration of the test. [Only solely running MapleStory as a test.]

[header][b]How to Use the Play Button with Google Chrome[/b][/header]
[i]"There is an issue currently affecting the latest version of Google Chrome which is preventing the Play Button from performing as intended. Please follow the steps below in order to Launch via Google Chrome. [/i]

[i]1) Copy and paste the following URL into your Google Chrome Address Bar: chrome://flags/#enable-npapi [/i]

[i]2) Find Enable NPAPI and click the Enable link to Disable [url=]link[/url][/i]

[i]3) Once the status appears as Disable, restart your browser [url=]link[/url][/i]

[i]You will now be able to use the Play Button with Google Chrome. If you are still experiencing issues, please visit our Technical Support Forums. Thank you for your patience as we resolved this issue."[/i]

[b]The updated requirements to run maple can also be seen here: [url=]source[/url][/b]

Happy Mapling~

May 6, 2015

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[quote=Elufu]Did this occur recently? (I think I have Norton installed on my computer and didn't notice anything yesterday.)[/quote]

Above 2 weeks or so ago. Possibly Norton on your computer may have ran an update. I'm not quite sure, I don't personally use it.

Reply May 7, 2015

Did this occur recently? (I think I have Norton installed on my computer and didn't notice anything yesterday.)

Reply May 6, 2015

[quote=Duzz]@Traitor MVP today[/quote]

I didn't really do anything though. If anything, you and @TheQueen do this more than I do.

Reply May 6, 2015 - edited