Help Please >.<

I got banned for illegal cash transaction.
Whats that? o.o
i USED to sell nx like 2 months back and already got banned and learnt my lesson.
Help :X
i also heard that sending a ticket dosent get a reply in 4-5 days some even a month.

March 12, 2011

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No one here can help you. You HAVE to send in a ticket and ask Nexon what the problem is. THEY are the only ones who can help.

Yes it sometimes takes a while for them to get to tickets, but that's all you can do.

"Illegal cash transaction" could be related to selling NX, or it could be a problem relating to buying NX with Paypal or a credit card, or something involving buying mesos, or anything else like that. You can only find out what the problem is though, by sending in a ticket.

Reply March 12, 2011