General Mage

Bw or F/p Archmage so i just recently started playing maple again (probably been back for like a week and some change) and i scrapped my phantom (former main) to make a mage. I haven't main'd a mage since maybe 2006? A f/p mage was my very first char but thats not the point. i made a blaze wizard and its currently lvl 139. i already went ham on the funding so im committed to maining a mage. ive gotten all my tyrants for it (just got the glove 2 days ago) and i baught the 3 koala pets but now im feeling a little doubt in the class and im leaning towards the f/p mage. ultimately im a scrub bandwagoner who likes to do big numbers (wooo, yay, pretty) and have top 10 dojo times. someone decide for me please.