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Tall quotTalequot Beggar I like to frequent a local coffee shop for its casual location. It is a nice place for me to meet and converse other people. We share works and ideas, always constructively support each other. However, I have been encountered by a stranger on numerous occasions, present and past, with a bogus story he tells, always necessitating money. His tale never changes and his request is always the same. After the third time, I told the beggar he should "stop with [his] lies. It is dishonest and vile." He questioned my age as if it were relevant to the topic. In response to my 24 years of life, he quotes, "You're a kid to me." He then promptly made his way away. Okay, I'll take that. I'm a kid. Realisticall

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Interstellar Drive 5 -- The Particle-Vibration Function [b]Ahoy, Basilers![/b] It's been awhile since I've been on BasilMarket. I'm here to share with you my latest works! Mayhaps some of you may recall that I dabble in music production and the sort. I'm not a professional sound engineer or audio producer, but I really enjoy composing musical movements! Recently, I've virtually finished completing my musical album. It's free to stream, download, or share! I would enjoy the feedback and hear what you think about it! :) In the near future, I will be associating the album to visual art forms, themes, story, & philosophy. [url=] Interstellar Drive 5 @ Soundcloud[/url] [i]Genre: Electr

General Chat

Some Musical Updates of Mine It's been awhile since I've shared my compositions with Basil.. I don't really port my music anywhere else.. I always like to hear general feedback from people here, all the time! I'm not aiming for a billboard hit, but these are just generally tunes I dig up on the guitar. Learn it, transcribe it, and digitalize it. Anywayssss.... Check out the home brewed jams of mine! I think they're free to dL if you really want them... :) [url=]Dream Drops[/url] (newish..) [url=]Star Stealer[/url] (newer....) [url=]Whisper Windmill[/url] (newest!) Here

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