Nair hair removal

This is the stuff. I wish I found about this crap when I was younger. Works great, on any spot. I recommended you use it.

February 11, 2017

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@upcomingnerd: well that's though, cause I was thinking like "what if use it in the shower then don't rinse it off my hands enough then accidentally touch my hair on my head and it falls out."

Reply February 13, 2017

It actually doesn't work on your head though.

Reply February 12, 2017

thought you got hair stuck in your nair

Reply February 12, 2017

At first I thought id see @seekingcuteguys , but yeah lately I wanted to try those things since shaving takes hours and could hurt. I recommend waxing which I recently started doing (somewat, ive doing it partially because its hard, still learning there are video guides to make sugar wax) because then the hair takes 2 - 8 weeks to grow again, and it becomes soft rather than having those annoying itchy spikes

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At first I was going to ask why. Then I thought what if it was used for that area. If so, nice find.

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