Am I depressed

I can't tell if this is depression. What happened to me? Am I lonely? Is this stress? Am I around the wrong people? Every where I look I see difficulty. It's not fair.

Am I suppose to let go? Push push I haven't made it.

July 12, 2018

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I am dealing with my own ptsd/depression/anxiety rn. It might not be your genre of music taste but I listened to Liberated by Dej Loaf and her lyrics really hit me.

"When I was young, I was told, "What you reap is what you sow"
Life ain't always sunny, don't get caught up in the glow
And I don't know it all but I see as I grow
Can't take the pain away 'cause it's in my soul"

If you have a bad experience one day, and look back it all the time in the future then you will feel like it is constant. You have to alter that so that in the present you do something great to look back on in the future rather than continuously put yourself down.

The last two lines really spoke to me because I've been trying to seek happiness and wonder why I am always upset, but now I understand it's all about how you choose to feel. You have options, and you get to decide for yourself. We don't realize it but depression is sort of like an addiction even if it doesn't seem attractive it pulls you in. Self-control, and get it out of your mind. Just because you're sad for a moment, life isn't over, but we might feel trapped when it doesn't go away and it won't unless you figure out what bothers you.

Try to cope with feeling depressed in away that isn't self inflicting in a negative way. Think about how your life will be if you cannot lift yourself up. No one always going to care and help us so you have to do it on your own. Sorry. That being said, don't be so hard on yourself. We aren't here to please anyone so don't feel obliged to, be yourself and find your pleasure. Hopefully not in spite of others but if it is so then work with it to your advantage because it's your life.

Love you ~

Reply July 20, 2018

This isn't the place to get a proper psych eval, especially given the sparse amount of information you've provided us about your present situation. I'd make a list of when you started feeling this way and approximately how much of what you feel at the moment has been with you for a long period of time now. See if you can trace it back to any big events in your life (say a breakup, death of a family member, not meeting your expectations, etc.) and go to a psych and present your self-evaluation to them.

Reply July 16, 2018

@xdarkshynobi: Pay close attention to your body. Sometimes you think a problem is coming from your brain, when in reality it's a combination of brain and body.

For example, I used to have terrors before going to bed because whenever I had a bad thought, my heart would start to burn. I eventually figured out that this was a problem coming from not just the brain, but also the body.

I started taking heartburn prevention chews and it hugely helped the problem.

Reply July 15, 2018

I think I might have ptsd man. I'm really scared

Reply July 13, 2018

I don't know. I stopped caring about everything and do whatever I want, dood.

Reply July 12, 2018

You should try drinking a little beer. When I was younger I had disassociation problems but I drank a little beer and I felt good.

Reply July 12, 2018