MapleSEA introduces Auto Combat

MapleSEA introduces Auto Combat, aka legit botting.


March 31, 2016

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Man, just April Fools :')

Cant wait what GMS will do today.

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@wall: It's a "big deal" due to the fact it's changing what mmos are suppose to be about. You are suppose to actually play the games yourself. If you want auto play games go to r2games or gtarcade an play those Chinese mmos out there. MapleStory and other mmos are not suppose to be auto played. Might as well not bother playing if you arn't going to be playing the game yourself.

Also it's terrible for the in game economy. It's just like botting from hacks on that one site. It's the main reason why the economy is garbage now. So yes it's a huge deal in many ways. Also just bc it costs NX doesn't mean it's only for a few people. That major botter program costs real money too and a lot of the players are using that tool.

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inb4 we're April fooled

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@mudkippiratez: It is already 1st April in South East Asia. 9:48am at the point of this post

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@wall: Hypothetically speaking I'd guess the best auto-fighter would be... er, Zen. Since the chain attack catapults them forwards, they'd end up taking down a bunch of mobs the crummy AI hadn't even planned to.

Though if there were no auto-pot, Kaiser (he has passive regeneration right?) would be the only viable choice in most cases, as all the others would eventually run out of HP and die. Even DA, seeing as it's Double Slash that's being used supposedly.

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this is on pocket maplestory too and it doesnt cost NX("candies" in this version)
only demon slayers can take some advantage of it since its only basic attacks(no skills, no autopot so u have to watch out)
its not broken at all can u all stop overreacting its a mobile game lol

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nice. now we can all have money. all are happy. isnt that how it works? @wall back me up on this.

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Kek. Pocket Maple has this and hackers in that are taking full advantage. I guess nexon actually does listen to us.

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@wall: As they explained it here -

- you can stop your auto-combat characters from getting banhammered for two hours buy buying a 200k item from the NPC. You can buy up to 10 of those at once, for 20 hours of uninterrupted grind.

You also have the option of buying a 24-hour immunity for an NX fee from the Cash Shop, and you can have as many of these as you want for an 'infinigrind'.

It's almost certainly a joking idea, I mean, can you think how many newly-banned cplayers are going to be crying up and down the SEA forums when, having not inspected the patch notes, they go on and curiously enable the 'auto-fight' on their minted Level 170 Kaiser without packing autoban immunisation?

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and then you realize tomorrow is April first.

edit: also it looks like they copy-pasted the text into the npc chatbox from paint.

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My betting is highly-elaborate April Fools' prank. If so, mad respect to them.

Above anything else, their admission of 'Uh, yeah, this will trigger bot checkers on you but we added an item buyable by the correct classes to protect them from Lie Detectors and Bot Bans'. I just grinned to myself and was thinking, with that they're definitely taking the piss.

If legit, this is certainly one of the maddest ideas there's yet been.

As a sidenote, I appreciated them using my favourite PvP theme for the vid. d:

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What? Why even play the game..

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Its just basic attack so its not like its not to the full extent botting can do.

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