where to farm for snowflakes for chair

teach me boiz the drop rate is like stepping on dog sht

December 18, 2015

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I managed fine with just a spider at DIPQ and Evo. Will probably go faster with more %drop though.

Reply December 18, 2015

Do you have to keep getting 300 in order to get the next tier up for the snowflake chair or is it random so you could get the 12 snowflake chair on your first try?

Reply December 18, 2015

@appall: They also raise hitbox, this is actually really useful. Especially the 12th one raises it by A LOT, I think it's the highest chair that raises hitbox in game right now.

OT: Evo and DiPQ is great for box farming, I prefer EVO but today I did 2 and a bit DIPQ runs and farmed 300. Make sure to get as much %drop as you can.

Reply December 18, 2015

@appall they look nice they are untreadeable and yeah are high atleast the one with 12th thing is it

Reply December 18, 2015

Are the chairs any good?
Can u get multiple?
Are they tradeable?
Any high chairs?

Reply December 18, 2015

Drop gear + dipq = 3 dipq runs for 300 snowflakes.

Reply December 18, 2015