smol iphone or big iphone

i have a spare iphone 6s but im using an iphone SE
should I move to a bigger phone or nah

March 18, 2018

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@tyrantblade: its this god forsaken website putting u to shame, im so sorry

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[@tyrantblade: well it's really awkward when you can't see the original post on a mobile platform.]

Use this:

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@zigen: well it's really awkward when you can't see the original post on a mobile platform.

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@tyrantblade: I literally said I have a spare phone I can switch to, I have it in my possession I dont need to go to a store or buy it anywhere lol.

Anyway I decided to stick to my smol phone so ya

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You don't know which size phone you like?

If your hands are small a smaller phone will be easier to use, if you have big hands get a bigger phone.

My last phone was a Galaxy s7 (5.5 inch screen but otherwise similar overall size to the S8), I upgraded to a Galaxy s8+ and even though it's only .7 inches bigger screen a like that much more and don't even find the fingerprint sensor to be hard to use.

But I have pretty large hands so I knew I would like the larger size phone.

Why not try a store display to get a feel for your size preference and then decide which phone to buy.

Also buy online for a much better price unless your plan includes cheap/free upgrades

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pixel 2 xl. yw

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stupid question, get android

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Get a phablet
bigger is always better

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Get the iPhone X.

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