Should I change Class Hello, I have been away from Maplestory for a few months, I am currently a Level 219 Aran with just about 25k Strength Self Buffed(6-7.3m range, With AB buff would be around 9-10m) For some reason I feel that after the 5th job Update I am a lot weaker than Pre- 5th job. I am thinking and would like your insight about whether or not to change my Class to a Polearm Dark Knight, I heard that Dark Knights dont require as good of a latency as that of an Aran. Please comment below and let me know your opinion of whether or not I should change. Stuff like the Primed Heart/Emblem/Badge I can recube/remake. I can always trade someone my secondary if they are willing to trade for a Dark Knight secondary with similar stats. Other

General Thief

Which Thief class to pick besides Shad Hello Basil, I have been away from maple for about a year now and im now back and want to main a character and i decided to go with thieves. I just cant decide which one though It will in the end be funded with about 5B. Although instated besides shads. It is still ok to suggest shads just that i would need a more in detailed reasoning behind it. So which thief should i play? Please comment and include some pros and cons for ur suggestion. Many thanks

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