General Merch

yay or nay? Just came back and did a gachapon run after a 3 year hiatus and was wondering if I did decent or horrible? Also, would anyone be kind enough to give me prices for these items in Scania as well? Please and thank you (: Chairs Bittersweet Beryl Pillow Chair Gollux Head Chair (x2) Shroom Buddy Chair Fuzzy Cat Chair Observatory Chair 9th Anniversary Cake Balloon Chair 10th Anniversary Cake Chair Equips Permanent Gold Hearts (x3) Ame-No-Uzume's Shoes (Mage) Amaterasu Final Wind (Warrior Spear) Imperial & Sovereign Crimson Zodiac Abyss Kitty Pride Scepter Sovereign Manticore ETCS Twelve Title Holder (x3) Nina's Pentacle Coupon (Permanent) Wings Boot Coupon (90 days) Beryl Airship Coupon (90 days) Lotus Airship Coupon (90 days) Mag

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