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Anyone who has any experience with Pygame Can they explain to me how pygame.Rect.colliderect() works? I was playing around with Python, recreating Pong using in order to get into the mindset for my 11 Computer Science course starting next week, but I can't figure out how to get these to work the way I intend :3 It's basically this def check_collision (self, ball): if self.colliderect(ball): ball.reflect_x() #Reverse x component ball.reflect_y() #Reverse y component ... while True: *quitting event foreach loop* #paddles refers to a list of the two paddles on either end of the screen for paddle in paddles: *update their position* paddle.check_collision (ball) *draw and update* But for some reason the call never seems to return True or somethi

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Im really upset at my mom right now I'm really upset at my mom right now. What she does is when she goes grocery shopping, she buys the food and other things, pays, etc. When we go home to put them away, she takes most of the food, gives me and my 4 other siblings (one's going to uni though) a little bit of it such as one granola bar, one pack of 2 cookies, or one rice krispy for each of us, and then takes the rest away for herself to eat up in her room. I find this really unfair and selfish because there are a lot more of us than her but we still get the smaller portion. She even does this with soap and toothpaste. She buys a large pack of toothpaste and soap for herself (there are 4 boxes of toothpaste and 8 or so of soap), she gives up o

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Pando media booster cannot connect to server I've been trying to reinstall Maplestory for hours now, and it normally works fine. But for some reason, it will download to 99% and try to start Pando Media Booster again, but it doesn't work. I keep getting the message saying that it can't access it's servers but I have it as an exception on my firewall and my antivirus. It just won't work. Like stated earlier, I've been trying this from around 9am EST. It's 2pm now. Does anyone have some kind of fix? I'm just trying to reinstall Maple.

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