General Paladin

Can I complete Dojo? And rank at least in the top 50? I'm level 192 with 340k range fully buffed, 145% boss and 64% pdr. I also have decent se that pushes me to 94% crit blasts, but it's on a separate glove so I'm assuming I should only switch to them during the rest areas. My crits on a threatened boss are pretty consistently at or slightly above 3mil per line with blast. Thanks in advance :) Edit: Okay so I finally decided to equip some items I've been saving. It raised my range to 473k fully buffed with dojo gloves and 84% pdr. However I decided to dojo again to see how much better I'd do, and in every stage my fully buffed range only went up to 401k. Is there any reason for this? I noticed in rest areas my range raised back up to 473k,


Question about C 1% Nebulites So I've come back from a pretty lengthy break. About 2 years or so. I remember there use to be a good amount of 1% nebulites that were being sold in the FM. If i remember correctly, 1% str nebulites were either going from 9mil-20mil at most. A quick and cost effective way to boost your range. Nowadays I hardly see any 1% nebulites and if I do they can range from 55mil-85mil. I still see people selling nebulite boxes. I'm just curious as to why these 1% nebulites are so rare.