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Opening MMBs - Super Lucky So about two weeks ago, I had 700 Mil and thought that a quick way to get rich was by opening MMBs. After opening about 5 of them, I ended up with some really good books, including TT20 and MW30! I sold the TT20 for 100 Mil and MW30 for 825 Mil (which was the price at the time). I then decided to open some more books. About 5 books later, I ended up with TT30 which I sold for 325 Mil. I was now at 1.8 Bil, a big improvement from not too long ago. Today, I again wanted to open more books just to test my luck. After opening about 8, they were all crappy and less than the original value of the book. I decided to buy two more books so that my money would be a 1.6 Bil exact. I opened the first book and ended up with Me