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General Updates

Nexons New Customer Service Rules [url=]Straight from Nexon's post on new Customer Service Rules[/url] "... a player who uses an item duplication glitch a few times when stumbling across it probably won't receive long term punishment. Whereas someone who automates a bot to run the exploit over and over for hours clearly knows what they are doing and is most likely deserving of more severe corrective action." So this means losers can "stumble across" a duping hack, not use it for long while spreading duped items across multiple accounts then sell the crap off yet not receive a "long term punishment" so that that CS team can "p

General Gms

zDeadlySinz is back amp full of just as much Bs So zDeadlySinz is back with the name zDeadlySinz2 (original, amirite?) to parade himself around with the most inane & amusing nonsense. Known for his repeated scamming, lying, cheating & hacking, he's decided to come back after being chased offline some years ago. The following conversation is just a snippet of what him & I talked about. [url=] Conversation pt1[/url] [url=]Conversation pt 2[/url] tl;dr - the guy's already been banned from a gamer website for scamming & impersonation. He's a tool & a well known liar. Don't trust him.

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