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Naruto 605 discussion I can't wait ! is it coming out in the next few hours or tomorrow ? I wanna know if kakashi killed rin or not ! THEORIES: 1) Rin was a spy , he had to kill her (Which is unlikely) 2) Obito fell under Madara's genjutsu when he absorbed one of the zetsu clones! since he refused to help madara and madara said he will make sure he brings obito back to him! 3) that kakashi was a zetsu clone . the real kakashi was knocked out or something , and when he woke up / arrived at the field he found rin dead and felt guilty 4) Kakashi was manipulated by a genjutsu by madara I can't wait ! gonna be great and One Piece too!

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Animes ending dates hey guys , I was really wondering when naruto is gonna end ! we all know bleach is at it's end ! it got repetitive but the beginning was great ! as for naruto I think sasuke is gonna join forces with naruto and fight against obito and madara ... beat them and the manga will end by naruto being assigned a hokage and tsunade resigning ... as for one piece .... oda stated last year that he still got 10 years until once piece ends ... which means 9 more years XD , I wonder how many times oda is gonna surprise us over and over .... I just cannot imagine one piece ending ! I am always afraid of the fact that oda might die before he finishes one piece ! WE WILL NEVER KNOW HOW IT ENDS ! post your theories and share your opinions

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