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Message for mods I'd PM them if I knew the names. I had a listing up for my guild and kept getting messages saying it would expire. It never did. It stayed up for like a month, even though I only ever extended it once. I wanted to make a new listing, but it still had my old one up for some reason. So I deleted it and made my new listing. Now I'm banned from making listings. Why didn't it just expire on top? If it's never supposed to expire, why the 1-week delay? I'm not abusing the system by trying to make a different listing a month later.

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Final Job Advancement on a Blaze Wizard So I got my blaze wizard to 120 and did all of the quests for the medal, except for defeating Eleanor (The black mage girl you fight in Ereve) I was wondering if anyone has beaten her on a blaze wizard since BB (watching videos it seems they've made her harder since then) and if so, how did you do it? After dying on that map more times than I can count I've come to the conclusion she's impossible because of low HP on Blaze Wizards and no animation for Damage Reflect.