Maple is up inb4 it's down within the hour EDIT: Except Reboot (FML) [UPDATE - 12:30 AM PST - Dec 2nd] Thank you all for your ongoing patience as we try to secure stable service for all Maplers. Reboot is still down at the moment and we are working on them, but all the other servers are up at this time. With this maintenance we have created more room in our servers to accommodate even more players, and have fixed the Kanna disconnect issue that occurred with the Limitless patch. We sincerely apologize for the frequent disruption in your gameplay and would like to offer the following compensation gift for this latest maintenance. - 70 V Coins - 1 Miracle Circulator - 2 of 3x EXP Coupons (15-mins) - 24 hour Cash Shop item extension We will up