Isp Maintenance 8/15/15 Maplers, Please note that on on Friday August 14th from 11:30 PM until August 15th at 4:30 AM PDT, game servers for MapleStory will not be accessible. This is due to maintenance our ISP is performing, which hosts our game servers. During this time, even though game servers will be down, there will be no actual server maintenance. Nothing will be modified within the game, and all events will continue being active once the servers come back online. We thank you for your patience and understanding this, and wish you Happy Mapling upon your return! Time zones: PDT: August 14th @ 11:30 PM - August 15th @ 4:30 AM EDT: August 15th @ 2:30 AM - August 15th @ 7:30 AM GMT: August 15th @ 6:30 AM - August 15th @ 11:30 AM AEST: Au