Isp Maintenance 8/15/15


Please note that on on Friday August 14th from 11:30 PM until August 15th at 4:30 AM PDT, game servers for MapleStory will not be accessible. This is due to maintenance our ISP is performing, which hosts our game servers.

During this time, even though game servers will be down, there will be no actual server maintenance. Nothing will be modified within the game, and all events will continue being active once the servers come back online.

We thank you for your patience and understanding this, and wish you Happy Mapling upon your return!

Time zones:

PDT: August 14th @ 11:30 PM - August 15th @ 4:30 AM
EDT: August 15th @ 2:30 AM - August 15th @ 7:30 AM
GMT: August 15th @ 6:30 AM - August 15th @ 11:30 AM
AEST: August 15th @ 4:30 PM - August 15th @ 9:30 PM


EDIT: I apologise for making this thread before, but I had trouble with the link (my first time linking). And this is something I think people should be aware of as I do not think it will be posted on the website.

August 14, 2015

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[quote=legoboy18]They forgot Mountain too, it's okay [/quote]

They also forgot Glorious North Korea's time zone

Reply August 14, 2015

[quote=wall]Well at least they're rescheduling 2x, that means I can go out saturday night and not feel like I missed out on anything.[/quote]

Reply August 14, 2015

What a coincidence when it is the "biggest discount on cubes ever"

Reply August 14, 2015

[quote=bioniclema93]Seriously? They gave practically every other time zone besides the one I'm in -_- [/quote]

They forgot Mountain too, it's okay

Reply August 14, 2015

@bioniclema93: I mean is subtracting one hour from eastern time too hard or something...

Reply August 14, 2015

Seriously? They gave practically every other time zone besides the one I'm in -_-

Reply August 14, 2015