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Keep getting disconnected in friendstory I'm at the story with that handsome teacher and i'm now at the part where you have to go through 3 stages of monsters at the sunset lot to get to him. But i keep getting disconnected several seconds after entering. If i'm lucky i can get to the 2nd stage or even the 3rd stage but it always ends in monsters and skills not responding and finally a disconnect. Did anyone else have this problem and a possibly fix (like not doing certain actions which will cause the crash). Thanks in advance. EDIT: I forgot to mention i had the same problem in the other stages and in cosmos knockout

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Grown-ups are so freaking pathetic In the Netherlands we have this holiday called SinterKlaar or Saint Nicholas which gives on the 5th of december presents to children, he has these helpers called ''zwarte piet''(Black Pete)[url=]photo[/url], which give all kinds of sweets and little presents to children. but thanks to the "grown-ups" who think black people who give sweets and presents to children are racist, we are no longer permitted to dress as a 'zwarte piet' [url=]article[/url] and thus killing a long and fun tradition which was for children. adults are pathetic what

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need help with choosing laptops for school hello thank you for coming in this thread, i hope you will enjoy your stay :) i've been looking for laptops lately since i will be attending graduation school next year, and i've found 2 nice looking laptops [url=]laptop 1[/url] [url=]laptop 2[/url](sorry for the sites being in dutch :3) they both seem good but i don't understand why laptop 1 has slightly better score than laptop 2 which has in general better hardware(correct me if i'm wrong) anyone cares to explain? are these laptops decent? if not, please show me another one which you think is greater req

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